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Antonio Citterio

Astrum is the new table collection, rectangular, round and oval, distinguished by the special ‘sawhorse’ base-frame. The frame is made of a single die-cast aluminium support with graphite or amber painted finish that, based on the table shape, is composed of two or three elements connected by a crosspiece and forming the base-frame for rectangular tables (width cm 100 and three lengths cm 230, 280 and 340), while three elements connected at the base of a steel ring establish the support for round tables (diameter cm 165 and 200). The triangular section of the support, raised from the ground with a slight tilt, gives the structure both lightness and solidity. The tables tops are provided in various finishes of wood and marble: brushed light, grey, brushed black and smoked oak, or in natural wenge with the possibility of a central marble section; white Calacatta, black Marquinia, green Guatemala and Emperador marble, all with a glossy finish, giving the table a more elegant look. Only with the round versions, it is possible to insert a swivel tray into the wooden and marble finishes.

Technical information

wood particles panel and veneered solid wood or marble (glossy polyester finish)

Legs and joints:
die-cast aluminium

Upper crosspiece:

Lower crosspiece:
aluminium extrusion

Swivel tray (LXA7V-LXA10V):
veneered multi-layered wood or marble (glossy polyester finish)

Swivel tray rotation mechanism (LXA7V-LXA10V):
HPL stratified laminate and aluminium with steel balls

plastic material

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