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Antonio Citterio

The series of Arne containers includes a vertical bookcase, a revolving ‘cubic’ bookcase and a horizontal container, which can all be used separately or in combination with small desks provided with steel rod supports. These elements can be rotated around a central pivot according to necessity, or follow the line of the Arne sofa's curved backrest, thus performing an additional sofa-back function. A low table completes the collection. All pieces are made of curved wood with mottled interiors and supports of glossy chrome-plated steel.

Technical information

Frame and top:
multilayered wood panels

External finish:
veneered: grey oak, brushed light oak or brushed black oak Internal finish: black mottled melamine faced

Support frame:
bright chromed drawn steel, aluminium colour painted tubular steel

Rotation mechanism (SA105S-SA105D):
black plastic material

thermoplastic material

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