Michelle Effe

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Michelle Effe


Antonio Citterio

With Michel Effe an important chapter is added to the successful story that started with Michel, the first modular sofa from the series. Some of the characteristics are unaltered, such as the two depths, but it is more essential than its predecessors. It reveals a new design thanks to a simplification of the seat with a single cushion. It is thinner, but not less comfortable. Everything superfluous has been eliminated.

Technical information

Back and armrest internal frame:
tubular steel and steel profiles

Back and armrest internal frame upholstery:
Bayfit® (Bayer®) flexible cold shaped polyurethane foam, polyester fibre, polyester fibre cover

Seat internal frame:
painted tubular steel and steel profiles, multilayered wood panel, shaped polyurethane

Seat cushion upholstery:
shaped polyurethane of different density, sterilized down, polyester fibre cover

Back cushion (MF65C-MF50C):
upholstery : down feather + polyurethane section, typology : box style

Back cushion with roller (MF65CP-MF50CP):
upholstery : down feather + polyurethane section + polyester fibre, typology : box style + roller

Support frame:
painted black chrome, pewter painted, bronzed nickel painted or bright brushed die-cast aluminium and extrusions

thermoplastic material

fabric or leather

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