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Antonio Citterio

The epitome of innovative research and sophisticated handcrafting skills, it has become a landmark in the history of design. The absolute elegance even when seen from the back with the leather upholstered backrest that reveals its flexible structure ensures its leading role when placed at the centre of a room. Distinctive features and technological materials make it a product that meets the most sophisticated international taste. The comfort of the entire series is guaranteed by soft down padding.

Technical information

Seat, back and armrest frame:
steel sheet and steel profiles

Seat cushions upholstery:
shaped polyurethane of different density, sterilized down, polyurethane inserts, polyester fibre cover

Back, armrest and lumbar cushions upholstery:
sterilized down, polyurethane inserts

Support frame:
bright brushed or painted black chrome die-cast aluminium

matt brushed die-cast aluminium

Frame cover:
leather Cushions covers: fabric or leather

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